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Vampyre Heart are a Female-fronted Gothic Rock band based in the underworld of Bournemouth, UK. The band were excited to release their debut album 'The Ghost of Time' in December 2012 and are already busy working on their follow-up album and other projects.

Vampyre Heart songs offer a variety of original music with different sounds and styles of the Gothic world, swaying between the darker Synth and Electro style of tracks, right through to the heavier Rock and Metal flavours.

Vampyre Heart - The Band - Photo

Vampyre Heart Vocals, Lyrics and Poetry are predominantly written by Summer. All tracks to-date have primarily been composed, produced and mixed by D Soul, and were Mastered by Rich ‘Mixer’ Ott (USA) for the album ‘The Ghost of Time’. D Soul also takes to the stage on Guitar, along side Taff who takes charge of the Bass and additional vocals and screams. You’ll also occasionally hear Taff perform on the Acoustic Guitar and Mandolin.

Many people have asked where Summer gets her ideas and inspiration from when she’s writing. Her answer is simple: “All songs relate directly to Vampyre Heart the story. However, when writing the storybook, poetry or lyrics, I draw on my own feelings and life experiences; it’s where my passion comes from, from the heart!”.

Summer has also written an accompanying novel 'Vampyre Heart - The Story'. The story is an excitable mix of fiction verses non-fiction, telling the story about the love of two people fighting to keep their love alive, whilst overcoming the challenges and myths of the underworld. A world filled with betrayal, witchcraft, vampyres, ghosts and much much more. The book even comes with its own soundtrack, starting with the album ‘The Ghost of Time’, with more to follow.

You can keep up-to-date with Vampyre Heart on social networking sites such as, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Reverbnation and more. You can also search for more information on any search engine, but don’t forget to spell Vampyre Heart with a Y.